Door locks - 2001 PT Cruiser


My newly acquired 2001 PT Cruiser has no automatic door lock switch on the driver’s door. However, when the ignition is engaged, all four doors lock automatically. When the car is turned off, all four doors automatically unlock. Is there a way I can circumvent the autolock system to avoid having to manually re-lock all the doors before exiting the vehicle? I have no keyless entry device and the ignition key operates the lock on only the door in which it is inserted.


Auto-locking un-locking features are programable on many cars. If no one posts about your paticular vehicle you can call the dealer. I have always used a scan tool dedicated to that paticular make (not a generic tool) Some cars you could program by a sequence of door lock switch movements combined with ignition key position changes,but you post your car has “no automatic door lock switch” are you saying there is no door lock/unlock switch on your armrest? Or you feel there shoulf be some sort of switch that enables/disables this feature on the armrest. Surley your car has a lock/unlock switch,without a scan tool you will probably use this switch for feature programing. You just need to find out the programing procedure,this info is surely in the factory manual,not so sure about the others(Clymer,Haynes,etc.)


I guess the previous owner stiffed you and didn’t give you the remote fobs.

The procedure for disabling the automatic lock/unlock feature is in your owner’s manual. You may also be able to lock all the doors from the driver’s door by turning the key to the locking position twice in rapid succession. Again, the answer is in the owner’s manual.