2006 Buick Rendezvous rear latch question

The Rear Latch on my 2006 Buick Rendezvous only opens with the key fob; does not open when shift lever put in park. Is this a program problem or connector problem?

The release switch could be bad. A good independent mechanic should be able to fix it.

Vehicle in Park
Unlock ALL of the doors
Lift up on liftgate handle


By pressing the REAR button on the transmitter

This sounds like my neighbor . He kept complaining that the rear hatch on his SUV could only be opened by the remote FOB. Finally someone showed him that there was a button on the rear hatch to push and it would open .
So is this a case where the OP has not read the manual , Just acquired this vehicle or did the thing work before and does not now?

My gm would occasionally stay latched, 2 clicks on the unlock button needed.

It opens with the key fob “with only one click”. The problem is that doesn’t open when the shift is put in “park”.

Thx for the response!

THX. Have had the Buick for 13 years. I only recently would not open when put in “Park”. Opens with the FOB.

THX. Unlocks all doors except the hatch when put in “Park”. Just occurred recently.

THX. Yeah, a good mechanic should be able to fix it! Was hoping someone else had the “problem and solution”.

I thought at first you were trying to open it manually with the interior switch. The lock actuator is working or you couldn’t open it with the fob. There should be a relay or something similar that triggers the actuator when you put it in park. I suspect it’s failed or failing.

The owners manual doesn’t state the the liftgate auto unlocks with the doors when shifting into park, it states that the door lock switch or RKE transmitter must be used to unlock the liftgate.

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I could easily be wrong but it sounds like the hatch has indeed been unlatching when the vehicle was put in park until recently and the OP thought of it as normal.

Got it! Worked to unlock hatch until recently. Works with FOB.

Op manualm may be wrong! This 2006 Buick Rendevouz? Has always unlocked the hatch unbtil about a week ago.

What do you mean “interior switch”? don’t believe there is one.

Every hatchback I’ve ever driven had a remote switch or lever in reach of the driver that opened the hatch. I made the assumption that yours did as well but apparently not. Sorry.

Not a problem! Appreciate your response.

WAG. A broken wire in the bundle of wires that goes from the body to the hatch. Thought being there is a wire for the fob unlock and a second wire for the non fob unlock. You have checked all the fuses? the liftgate may be on a separate fuse.

I think you are on the right track. Key FOB works, “Park” does not. Good fuse. Probable broken wire or defective wireless receiver. OR, is this programable?

The BCM controls the lock actuators. There is only one set of (2) wires between the BCM and liftgate latch, which are separate from all other door lock circuits. If either wire were broken, the liftgate latch lock would not work at all. Also, if the liftgate latch lock works with the fob, the the wireless receiver has to be okay.

While the liftgate lock is actuated by the door switches, it is unclear in both the owner’s manual and the factory service manual if the automatic unlock feature (when shifted into park) is supposed to actuate the liftgate lock. They just refer to all door locks. Whether the liftgate is considered one of the doors is what is unclear. The liftgate is often mentioned separately in the literature.

The automatic feature is programmable. It can be disabled, set to operate all door locks or only the driver’s door when shifted into park, or it can be set to operate all door locks or only the driver’s door when the key is removed from the key cylinder. Again, it is unclear if “all door locks” includes the liftgate.