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2012 Dodge Caravan spring popping sound

I’m hearing a noise like a spring popping from my right front tire. Is this something on a recall for this vehicle or what could it be & how much to repair it ?? Thank you

There’s a recall involving the right hand rear wheel bearing/hub. Make sure the noise you are hearing is coming from the front, rather than the back. I don’t see anything in the way of recalls for the front/right wheel.

The noise you hear might be from a broken strut spring.

When a broken strut spring fails, this can happen.

Scary when doing 60 MPH!


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Ok will do thank you Geoerge.

Ok thank you, but do not notice at high speeds but very noticeable when going slow & making a right hand turn.

Seen this on 05 Town and country

Now that you added information, could be CV joint.

Do realize that replying on this forum site by email puts your name and contact numbers in the open ? Not something I would do.