Spring sound in steering



I have a 1996 Towne & Country Van… lately I have been hearing an aggravating sound when turning my steering wheel either way. Sounds like a spring is being stretched on an old screen door. What is it, is it serious and how much will it cost to get it fixed?


I believe the sound you are hearing is the clock spring. It is a coil winding of wire that carries the power to the controls on the steering wheel for the Airbag, cruise control, horn, etc… Chrysler has a recall on these that covers the voyager, caravan, and town & country vans through 2000 model year. To see if your van is under recal go to:
http://www.chrysler.com/webselfservice/chrysler/index.jsp?screenName=recall&country=us&emailUrl=goToEmailForm('R') You will need the last 8 digits of your VIN#.
If your van is covered make an appointment with your local dealer.


Dear S,

With the vehicle in park, with the motor running, can you make it make the same sound by turning the steering wheel left and right? If so, you have something going on with your power steering. DON’T PANIC!!! Locate the idler pulley, or have someone help, and check to make sure that it is not falling apart or real wobbly. If it seems okay, lubricate it with a little motor oil, or WD-40 (the WD will not last as long because it is a light oil). part one…


Part two: do what Michael said first. g