Rusty bed spring noise from front end of my Tucson when going over bumps

Hi! I am stuck and out of money. Ever since I got the tires changed on my 2013 Tucson (2 years ago), I’ve had a noise from the right front tire when going over bumps. I know for sure it is because I have recorded the sounds from each tire going over speed bumps. The noise seems to be when there is an extension/retraction of the arm? bar? spring? for that tire. It gets worse when it is warm, since I didn’t have the noise all winter. Now that it’s in the high 80s to 90s, it’s back. I just paid to replace the engine mounts and the front struts. I’ve done several things over that last two years trying to fix it, but no luck. I refused to let my mechanic change the CV joint on a “guess” that might help. Would really appreciate some hints on what to pursue. Thanks!

Video over speedbumps:
Video taken from under car:

Step one is to change mechanics. This is not caused by a bad CV joint. My guess would be a bad ball joint or control arm bushing, which a competent mechanic should be able to find. A bad ball joint can fail and cause an accident so do not delay in getting this fixed. You might be very lucky if it turns out to be just a dry bushing or bad sway bar end link.


Thanks for the tip. I just edited my post to say that I changed the tires two years ago. Not likely something that would be survivable for that long?

It depends on how many miles you’ve driven, as well as the quality of your roads. Are you the original owner? Has the vehicle ever been used for off-roading?

I would suggest you might have a broken spring on that corner. Just the very last coil. Easy to spot by a competent mechanic… hint, yours isn’t as @NYBo points out.


No, I just got it maybe four years ago. Not a problem with it until the tire went flat and I had to change it. I’ve driven maybe 40k miles, not off road, but not in good condition.