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My little honda

When I make a sharp right turn which is something i have to do when going to work the front bottom right-hand side of my car makes this loud creaking noise that sounds like someone’s opening a door in a haunted house that hasnt been touched in years. My friend told me that it could be my axel but i’m not sure. Does anyone know what it might be and what can i do to get it fixed right away before I go out of town in two weeks?

Its probably not the axle, more likely the spring is either broken or not seated right or the top strut mount is broken. Have the struts been replaced lately?

It might help to tell us what year/model.

A bad CV joint on the axle would sound like shaking a tin can with marbles in it. A creak or screech is most likely the pivot plate on top of the strut is bad.

Could, also, be the ball joint. To check, be near the right front of the car and have someone turn the steering, while you listen for its location.

it is a 94