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Popping noise

I have a random popping noise coming from the rear of my car. It was doing it mostly when I turned or took a dip in road—but now having more frequency at times…this morning it was a little cooler here in Louisiana and no noise- but this afternoon was making the noise frequently on the way home. What could this be? I recently replaced all brakes and new tires put on car.

Can the noise be reproduced by bouncing the rear of the car up and down? If so, the noise might be from the upper rear strut rods coming contact with their mounting holes.

Over time the rubber bushings that are suppose isolate the strut rods from their mounting holes shrink. This then allows the strut rods to come in contact with the mounting holes where it can make a popping or banging noise when the vehicle is turned or encounters a dip/bump.

The fix is to remove the rear package shelf, and then with the proper tools retighten the upper strut mounting nuts to squash the bushings to hold the strut rods in place.


I concur with the upper strut mounts as a prime candidate.

Other possibilities include any and all bushings that are contained in your chassis. Common sources of these sounds are the bushings for the antsway bar, both those that connect the links on the ends and those that connect the center of the bar to the unibody (chassis). These can be easily checked by putting the car SECURELY (emphasis on SECURELY…do NOT take chances) on ramps (preferred by me) or quality stands, sliding underneath, and shaking the parts by hand.