2011 Subaru Tribeca - Vibration

heavy vibration 55-75 mph

Cool, you may have the whole body relaxer option.


have you had wheels re-balanced? they could be out of balance.


Not enough info to know. Vibration in steering wheel or seats?
Former could mean front end and latter the back.

As mentioned, tire balance is first thought.


Thanks for letting us know.

Vibrations are usually caused by something that rotates that’s out of proper balance. You know how your cell-phone vibrates? There’s a little rotating gadget inside the phone that’s designed to be purposely out of balance. As there’s many things that rotate in a vehicle , there’s dozens of possibilities, suggest to provide some clues. For example, any work done or other changes to your vehicle from the time of no vibration, to now?

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Doubt if we will ever get specifics.