Steering Wheel Vibrations - 2010 Impreza

My Impreza has a vibration in the steering wheel around 65+ mph. I had the tires replaced, road force balanced, and new rotors put on. Shake eased up, but is still noticeable and a pain on long drives. I also just had an alignment, but it seems to have gone right back out of alignment after a couple weeks. Car has about 75,000 miles on it.

Any ideas on how to remedy this? I’ve already dumped a good chunk of change trying to get this taken care of and would prefer not dumping a ton more money into it.

Tell us more about the alignment. Was it out of alignment when it was checked? What were the numbers.

Now you say it is out of alignment again. Again what are the numbers?
If it went out that fast, you have a major mechanical problem somewhere, and it may not be safe to drive. Did the shop that did the alignment check that out, as they should have? What did they say?

Agree with BillRussell here. You have major problems and the front end must be thoroughly checked by a good front end mechanic.

Go back to the shop that installed the tires, explain that your vehicle has a vibration and ask if they could balance the tires/wheels again. A weight may have fallen off, there should be no problem rechecking this for you. I have found many tires to be .50 to.75 ounces out of balance after one month/1,000 miles, they seem to change after a short “break in period”.

It was out of alignment before it was checked. There was a caliper the failed on my driver side that was replaced a few months back as well. I thought this was the sole cause of the steering wheel vibrations, but it hasn’t gone away completely. Unfortunately, don’t have numbers on the alignment.

Shop didn’t say anything else. Figured the alignment kept going out due to the faulty caliper.

When you say the alignment kept going out, what symptom are you referring to? That is, you can’t know the alignment is going out unless you measure it directly, but you may THINK it goes out because of some symptom.

I suspect a pull, because of the caliper comment, but I think we need confirmation.