Saab, 2001, 9-5 vibration

I get a vibration in the steering wheel above 50 mph, that is similar to out of balance wheels. The wheels have been balanced three times with some improvement, bu the vibration remains. What else should I check, or replace?

If the front wheels were balanced OFF the car, you culd still have the brake rotors and hubs out of balance. I would have them balance on the car first.

If you bought tires with a variation in the hardness of the rubber, you can develop flat spots while the tires is still balanced. Such flat spots will cause a vibration. I had such cheap tires, Marshall brand from Korea, and ended up throwing them away; they could not be balanced.

Finally, you could have a front wheel bearing problem on one or both wheels. Take the car to a good front end shop, not a tire shop, and they will find the problem.

Good luck!

Thanks for your help. I have had the tires balanced off and on the car. The tires are Arizonon, a brand from Discount Tire and could certainly be a problem. They have been on the cars for the last 12,000 miles (at least) and do not show abnormal wear.