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2011, Subaru Impreza Steering Wheel Vibration 174 K Miles

I have a 2011, Subaru Impreza with a steering wheel vibration so bad I chipped
a tooth driving it. Below are links of the front-end American driver side and
passenger side. What do you recommend needs replacing?

This is not the WRX model. It is a hatchback with four wheel drive, automatic transmission and the car has 174,00 miles.

Work I did summer of 2017. I replaced driver side only caliper. The brakes on both sides and rotors. The passenger side caliper slides freely but I will replace for symmetry.

Thanks, any help is greatly appreciate.

I was under the impression that calipers should always be replaced in pairs… but it sounds like you’ve got that covered now.

Are the wheels properly balanced?

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Vibration felt through the steering wheel is most likely a tire balance issue or a bent rim.

You are not supposed to steer with your teeth/

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Offhand. one would suspect a tire out of balance or a bad tire.

You might jack the car up and check both front wheels by grasping them at the 3 and the 9 o’clock position. Try to move the wheel assembly in and out. You should not feel any looseness.
If you do, the next suspect would be worn inner tie rods; not exactly a rarity.

I should add that considering the mileage and the amount of rust there may be multiple issues including ball joints, etc.

For that big of vibration it would have to be a pretty bad tire or really out of balance. I doubt it is that, or that alone. Seems more like something is loose in the suspension system. One idea that’s easy to check, the wheel may be coming loose. I had that happen on my Corolla some years ago, the lug nuts on one of the front wheels started to loosen up, and that really did produce a big, scary vibration. Retightening the lug nuts solved that straight away. First task: Check the lug nut situation.