2011 Subaru Outback - Pockmarked Windshield

Windshield is pockmarked as if it went thru a sandstorm. ( It hasn’t) . Is a product available to buff the windshield?

Yes, there are products to polish glass. But glass is really hard and the polish takes a large amount of effort with a machine to polish out. And you won’t get perfect results.

I’d suggest you replace the windshield instead.

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Trucking companies never wanted to replace a windshield with a worn surface unless it was actully cracked but they were sometimes impossible to see through when it first started raining. Drivers then resorted to “cleaning them with a rock”.


If you have no-deductible glass coverage, your insurance company may pay to replace it even if it is not cracked. Tell them how the wear affects your vision through the windshield.

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