Sandblasted Windshield

Dear Car People:

I recently drove through a harsh wind storm on highway 395, east of the Sierra Nevada. Upon my return to Los Angeles, I had my car washed. At first, I thought the washing had failed to rinse all the dust off the windshield; however, that is not the case. My windshield has been sandblasted! When sunlight is not directly in front of me, all is well, but when the sunlight aims right at me it refracts off all the tiny holes left by the sand and visibility is somewhat compromised.

Do I have to purchase a new windshield, or is there a product or a treatment that will smooth it back to normal?



You might call an auto glass repair shop to check, but I know of no way to repair this, except to replace it.

When a windshield becomes sandblasted or pitted the only fix is to replace it. If the vehicle has full coverage insurance, this may be covered in the policy under comprehensive since the damage was caused from an act of God.


This happened to me every once in awhile when I lived outside of Albuquerque. There’s a canyon through the mountains on I-40 and sometimes the wind would whip up and accelerate in there and just blast hell out of the car. Had a couple of coats of paint and windshields paid for by insurance thanks to that. Check your paint - - you probably need a new paintjob.

You probably will have to replace the windshield, but before committing great ministrations of money to your car, try using one of the windshield wiper restoration products (they have a mild abrasive) or, if you can find it jeweler’s rouge (used for very fine polishing). Worth a shot. Oldmotorist

First I would call my insurance company. They have replaced two windscreens for me for free. No my rates did not go up after the claim, in fact my insurance has come down after each of those claims.

Good Luck.

I’ve had a number of windshields replaced due to sand blasting (Minnesota winter). Tell your insurance agent that it is hard to see through it in the sun and they will more than likely pay the full price of replacement.