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Windshield safety

I windshield repairman told me I must replace my 06 Prius windshield right away (with him doing the work and offering $1000 in gas and grocery coupons with the deal) because I have some sandblasting on my windshield on the drivers side. It is minor, and he has not seen it. He says the laminate is compromised and the windshield is unsafe. I read on a website that you should not replace the windshield and break the factory seal if at all possible. Who is right? Should I replace my windshield due to the light sandblasting or keep it and not break the factory seal? What are the dangers of light sand blasting? Thanks for any help you can provide? Barby

Take the car to a place that specializes in glass replacement (NOT the one you talked to). Very skeptical of someone who makes those statements and offers WITHOUT first looking at it. They’ll be able to tell you if the glass is fine.

Also check with your insurance company to determine if this is covered. Some states it’s automatically covered if you have collision. Other states (like NH) you need to have special Glass coverage.

I have no idea if glass can be compromised if sand-blasted. Replacing a windshield if done properly is NOT an issue.

I windshield that is sandblasted or pitted can be difficult to see out of. Either when the sun hits directly onto the windshield, or at night with on-comming headlights. And the problem gets worse if it’s raining under these conditions.

Look at your car insurance policy, and see what it states for glass coverge as far as cracks and pits. Some insurance companies will do this for free. They’d rather that you have good vision out of your windshield instead of having poor vision that could result into an accident.


Anyone who gives you a firm diagnosis such as this without seeing the windshield is…I will try to be kind…not to be trusted. While it is probably better to be able to retain the original seals on a windshield, it is also true that many glass shops are able to do a credible job of sealing a replacement windshield. And, if there is a problem with a seal leak, a reputable shop will take care of the problem, gratis.

I suggest that you visit one or two other glass shops to get both opinions on the windshield’s condition and a price for repair/replacement. You may be able to do better than the price quoted by the “sight-unseen guy”, and you also may find someone more honest.

I would not worry about the actual safety of the windshield; the eyestrain, if it is directly in your line of vision, is the issue. I live in an area with lots of construction, abrasive dust and sand, and almost every older car has a very imperfect windshield. We replace when we have major cracks, or when selling the car, since it has to pass a government inspection.

As others say, the charlatan who offers you the free groceries probably knows very little about Windshields. Stay away from him, and visit several reputable auto glass shops. But only if the abrasion bothers your eyes. All windshields have SAFETY GLASS, DOUBLE LAMINATED, and a little abrasion is not going to endanger you.

The factory seal is usually OK, but the good shops do a really good job with the sealing. If you replace, don’t wash the car for some time, don’t store it in hot sun, and let the glue cure for a few days.

Good luck!