Windshield haze

Windshield haze from over 20 years of sand and gravel blasting makes driving toward the sun difficult. A kit from is available to buff out damage. Has anyone used this or similar product and how effective is it.

The windshield is probably pitted. So buffing won’t help. The windshield requires replacement.


Buy a new windshield. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Agree with the others. It’s time for a new windshield.

…and it is just possible, depending on your state of residence and your insurance company, that this might be covered by your insurance.

Why not pose this question to your insurance agent:
If I am having a hard time seeing through my damaged windshield, is repairing this safety issue covered by my comprehensive insurance?

“20 years of sand and gravel blasting” means it’s time for a new windshield. No amount of buffing or treating will restore it. It’s just worn out.

What kind of car is it? Windshields are pretty cheap for most cars.

Then again, both of my daily drivers have windshield cracks directly in my line of vision and I haven’t replaced either one.

Those kits will work to some degree but in my opinion it’s simply not worth it even if the glass can be saved. Price of kit + beating to death a drill motor + hours of elbow grease = better option a new glass.

Most new windshields around here run 2-300 dollars installed so just pony up and let someone else mess with it.