2000 Infiniti I30 / Nissan Maxima - Noisy Suspension Squeak Over Bumps at Slow Speeds



HELP! My car sounds like a cab! My 2000 Infiniti I30 which shares a chassis with the Maxima of the same year is making an aweful noise. When I travel at low speeds over bumps I get a a terrible squeak. It’s not metal on metal, but rather rubber on metal or rubber on rubber. My strut mounts have about 10k miles on them and the sway bar and control arm bushings have never been replaced. The sway bar links were replaced about 1.5 years ago. This only happens at slow speeds and is most noticable when driving over gradual bumps in the road as opposed to sharp bumps, potholes, etc. I sprayed some lubricant on the strut mount from the top and the squeak seems to have become louder to my dissapointment. However, does this mean the strut mount could be causing the noise? I would be greatful for any suggestions.


The usual cause of something like this are sway bar bushings.
It’s usually pretty simple to remove and lube them.
A silicone based grease works best; lube such as WD-40 has a pretty short life.


there is a TSB on this problem. The top of the right side (pass side)was not installed or tightened correctly causing a lot of noise esp in slow turns or bumps. The struts should be replace in pairs. This is about a $650job. Couldn’t get any goodwill assistance from Nissan/Infiniti. The