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Loud noise

I keep hearing a noise on the passanger side coming from possibly the shock of the my 2000 maxima. I changed the struts, axle, checked the ball joints, stablizer link, and bushings and the noise is still there. It happens when i go over a bump or rough streets, you hear a knocking noise (very loud), (can the heat shield for the exhaust do that as well) so I wonder does anyone know what the problem is or if you came across this problem before?

When the exhaust system is totally cooled down–such as the first thing in the morning–get underneath the car and push up gently on all sections of the exhaust pipe. It is very possible that one or more of the exhaust hangers is either disconnected or broken, thus allowing the pipe and muffler to bang on the underside of the car when you hit a bump.

Will It Make The Knocking Noise When Making A Right Turn?
Does the noise sound like it’s possibly coming from the top of a front strut?

If yes, then Nissan says that the tips of the bolts that hold the power steering pressure switch to the right shock tower can protrude too far and contact the RH upper spring seat. They have a Technical Service Bulletin that applies to 2000 Maximas and outlines corrective procedures for right front strut noise.


Hey thanks for your response, can you give me the location of where you found that information? I hope this can be it cause i have done too much on it and it still isnt fixed.

Try the library or Nissan Dealer(s).

Your local library may be able to help you. Many subscribe to EBSCO (online) and from there you can access AARC and the bulletins, mabe from home.

I have befriended service guys at the car’s dealer (Nissan service guys in this case) before and they have helped me.