2011 Hyundai Sonata replacement fuel pump price

Had issues with the high pressure fuel pump, located in the fuel tank? If so, now much did it cost to have it replaced? And if you know, how much is the part from the Hyundai manufacturer? Thanks!

I’d suggest you call the Hyundai dealer and ask them your questions. Also call an independent auto repair shop and ask them as well.

We don’t even know what country you are in so I’ll use US numbers. It also doesn’t matter if we’ve had pump problems, you do.

In the US, the pumps run $230 to $500 for aftermarket pumps from RockAuto. You didn’t tell us what engine you have nor the miles on it so the range is fairly wide. I’d guess an hour or so ($100 to $200 labor) to change it IF there is an access panel in the floor to change it.

For the non hybrid Sonata (GDI) the high pressure fuel pump is located on the engine. The OEM pump is $573.