Fuel Pump Replacement 2003 Saturn L200 series

Shop wants $1100 to replace fuel pump. They say the part is $685. Several reputable shops said that is too high. Should be more in the range $6-$800. What say ye? Charleston, SC is the location.

Is that shop a dealer? Or are they going to buy an OEM/genuine GM pump? Autozone shows that pump for $327 - still pricey, but I think $685 is nuts.

Was the “need” to replace the fuel pump a decision made after testing the fuel pump; or, was it a symptom-based decision (which is spelled: g-u-e-s-s)? A second opinion, based on testing, is what you need.

It is actually a AAA Service Center.

Checker, Kragen, O’Rilley sell the Delphi OEM pump for $322…

20 year old daughter away at college. Car stopped running on the highway at night Sunday, leaving her stranded. Called AAA, they came and towed her car back to their service center. I trusted they would do quality work at a competitive price. First quote, Monday, was $1300. I started calling around and several places told me that was too high. So I came here today. After the feedback, I called the AAA shop this afternoon and they said the work was complete and the bill was a little over $1100.
Someone is supposed to call me back tomorrow, since I expressed to someone there that the price seemed too high. I will post the result of my “negotiation” with them here tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who has replied.

Did I miss something, did you authorize the work ? There is no reason to seek other opinions after you did that. Triple A shops usually do good work but have high overhead, expensive locations, and a towing business that may or may not be making any money. When they tell you the part is $685 that doesn’t mean that is what they paid for it, it is what they sell it for. It is usually the parts store list price but there is no law that it has to be. When you buy furniture I have seen differences of double the price for the same item from the same manufacturer from one retail store to another.

Final cost of the repair was $1137. They paid for an expensive part because it was the one “available”.