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Pricing Info

I took my car to get checked since the “check engine” light was on. Apparently I need new spark plugs and a new 02 sensor. They quoted me $650 for the parts and $85 for the service. Is this a fair price?

Sounds like too much for the parts and not enough for the labor.

What would be reasonable then?

More info would help.

What is the year, miles, engine (4 or 6 cyl)? Does the car have any driveability issues with the CEL light on? Did the shop explain why the car needed spark plug and an O2 sensor?

Who provided the estimate, a dealer (expensive), a chain shop (Sears, Firestone, Pep Boys, etc), or an independent mechanic? If it was the dealer and the diagnosis is legit, consider taking it to a independent mechanic. If it was a chain shop, get a second opinion before proceeding.

Ed B.

You could take the car to another mechanic and get a second estimate. We can’t quote prices because they vary depending on your location.

Was this price from a dealer?

I’m Thinking That Price Is Close To 3X. There Must Be More To The Story, But What Is It ?

I’ve never heard of spark plugs + O2 sensor = $650 (for a Hyundai) !

Get the “rest of the story” and we’ll have a go at it.


Do you have a 6-cyl engine? The engine bay is often so crammed with parts that it is not possible to get at the rear bank of cylinders unless the engine is released from the engine mounts and rotated forward. I don’t know if the Sonata requires this, but it would certainly add to the labor charge. The issue may be the same with the oxygen sensor if it is on the rear bank of cylinders.