Is 555.14$ high?

A mechanic is charging me 551.14$ to fix my fuel pump on my2002 lincoln ls. Is that too much? 227 for parts and 300 for labor

No; it’s a very fair price.
Some years back the pump died on the Lincoln LS belonging to my son and daughter in law. This happened on the weekend while on the road in western KS. The Ford dealer got the part ovenight and had them going the next day for about 750 bucks total and which included the tow truck charge.

I will add this. Do regular fuel filter changes and that can help prolong the life of the fuel pump.
Hopefully you mechanic is changing the filter also as that is a MUST with a new pump.

Unfortunately, the filter is located inside the left front fender of the LS and is kind of a pain in the neck to get to. Another fantastic engineering coup from the people whose thought processes go no further than the edge of the drafting table…

Sounds about right.

I paid $700 to replace a fuel pump on a 91 Taurus back in 1998. Price seems reasonable.

Actually seems a little low to me. Is that for the primary or secondary fuel pump? There are 2 in that gas tank.

Times change. I paid $65 or so for a fuel pump replacement on my 1988 Caprice. It’s mounted on the engine and can be replaced in minutes.

Today;s gas tank mounted fuel pumps, which are necessary for fuel injection, don’t give nearly as much trouble as the engine mounted fuel pumps with the carbureted engines. In a 1930s issue of Popular Science, the fictional Gus Wilson, proprietor of the Model Garage recommended replacing the diaphragm in the fuel pump at 10,000 miles or so to insure reliability.