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Fuel Pump

I replaced a fuel pump on this 2001 Sonata a month or so ago…Ran like a dream for about 30 minutes and quit like someone had turn the key off. Replaced the Pump again thinking it was bad…Car still doesn’t start. Getting fire. 20 amp fuse OK…If there is a Pump relay on this car. I have no idea where it is at. This Pump is not getting power at all and I don’t know why. I can stray starting fluid in injection port and it starts right up and will run like a top till that fuel is burned off…So tell me Guys whats going on…Thanks Sam.

Well, I can’t give you the specifics but what is going on is that you have no power to the fuel pump and you have to figure out why.

I’m going to say that you might be in over your head - and I say that on the basis that you replaced the new pump when the only problem was that it was not getting power, and that you nonchalantly point out not knowing about the relay/s. These kinds of things are right up there with checking the fuse in terms of basics.

The owner’s manual section on fuses will probably tell you about relays. At the very least it will point you to the appropriate fuse/relay box under the hood. It will also tell you about the reset button for the fuel pump (basically a little circuit breaker). Better yet a $20 repair manual will give you step by step troubleshooting (you’ll need a voltmeter). Or you can try Autozone’s free online stuff.

Thank you for your information. There is no Fuel pump relay on this car according to the manuel and fuse box and under the hood. Just a 20 amp fuse. Which is good. I already knew that there was no power going to the pump by preforming a continuity test with all power off and I found one prob on the wire harness not to respond. With the power on and with a meter I found this same wire to also not respond with power. I have the Manuel and there is no reset button for this Pump. So maybe its both of us that is in a little over our head.

Generally speaking, the pump relay is controlled by the ECM. The ECM receives a signal from the ignition system which then activates the relay.

Pulling the codes may reveal something. Other than that (and assuming this is a legitimate no power to the pump problem) it may require a manual with the troubleshooting steps for this problem.

How are you determining there is no power to the pump? When the key is first turned on the pump will on receive power for a couple of seconds. After that it goes away until the starter motor rotates the engine, at which point it powers up again.

So we are all supposed to actually guess that you have tried to find the relay, have a manual, have put a meter to the wiring (yet replaced the pump again anyway?)…anything else we should guess at that you may or may not have done? Or shall we all act as psychics?

I would not be over my head with it. You still sound like you are.