Saturn L300 fuel pump

I have a Saturn l300 that has a cracked fuel pump that a shop wants almost 1000$ to fix. Do you think it’s worth fixing? Is the estimate fair? I wanted to buy a new car but everything is so overpriced!

I don’t know where you live.

So enter your info here and find out.


I just did. It seems that they charge a little more than the range of estimate on repairpal.

Cars are expensive. Car repairs are less expensive than new or reliable used cars. Let that be your guide.


Ask yourself this: can I buy a better car for $1000?

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I know a new fuel pump on a Chevrolet/GMC pickup is around $700.

You can also shop around for other estimates. There might be some higher or lower.

As for whether it’s “worth it” to spend the $1000 on the car…that’s really your call. With the crazy car market right now, if the car is otherwise reliable and meet your needs, I’d get it fixed.


Thank you folks for the input

What year is your car, and which engine does it have? Some years of the Saturn L-series had a removable panel under the rear seat to access the fuel pump, other years required letting down the fuel tank. Also, we would need this information to see what a brand-name fuel pump that fits your car costs.

If the part costs at least $200 online, and the fuel tank must be lowered on your model to change the fuel pump, then a $1000 shop price is reasonable. If there is an access panel to change the fuel pump from above, then $1000 is an absurd price for a job which really is not difficult. Hope that helps.

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