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2011 Ford fiesta

I am interested in purchasing a new 2011 Ford Fiesta SE with a 5 speed transmission. I really like the Euro design, the colors and the fuel efficency. Although, the car has a good reputation in Europe, all my American friends try to discourage me from this purchase due to a bad/cheap reputation. What do you know about this vehicle and what is your opinion.

Thank you for your help.

Where are your friends getting their information? I don’t understand how the car can have a bad reputation in the US when it’s just now going on the market. Your friends are misinformed.

The Fiesta is a European favorite because it’s a good car, and has been for years. It has received mostly good reviews here in the states. I don’t understand why you’d be worried about buying one.

Make your own decision and stop worrying about what your friends think.

Your friends need to update themselves; 25 years ago Fiestas sold in North America were cheap and short lived cars. The only thing today’s Fiestas have in common wioth those is the name.

Most likely, the OP’s friends are confusing the new-design Fiesta with the one that was sold by Ford dealers many years ago. This is a “clean-sheet” design that shares nothing with the Fiesta from many years ago, and is one of the best-selling cars in Europe–where people tend to know a lot about cars.

All I can say is that the OP’s friends are very confused and are best ignored–at least on the topic of cars.

Ford marketed a Fiesta of European origin back in the late 1970’s–around 1977. The quietly dropped this car. Sometime in the late 1980’s a Ford Festiva that was made in Korea was marketed and then disappeared.

If this new Fiesta is a captive import, then I would worry about how long Ford will support the product. Back in the 1960’s Ford imported a car called the Cortina. It didn’t stay on the market very long.

Perhaps the situation has changed today with more globalization of the auto industry. In my opinion there are well known brands to choose from in this category.

I have always avoided buying a new model from ANY brand. Let someone else be a consumer lab rat. I would either look at a make model with known histories or wait. Fiesta as stated is just a name and it may be an outstanding car. I’d advise though, not taking the chance.

This isn’t a new model though. It’s been out in Europe for the past 3 years.

I drove the Euro spec Fiesta a few time at auto shows. It was a sweet car to drive. Easy clutch and shifter (I would drive the 5 speed in LA commute). Good steering feel with no slob. Decent materials texture and switches with well defined detents. Engine whines instead of purr like a motorcycle, but it pulls nicely for a subcompact. No lag in the electronic throttle.

The only gripe I have is the cramp backseat compared to its competitors, such as Versa and Fit. If the backseat doesn’t matter to you, you’ll be trading that for great fuel efficiency.

The car has been around for 34 years and is marketed almost everywhere but North
America. If it was an awful car, it would not have lasted 6 generations. Test drive one and if you still like it, buy it.

Buy what you like, not what others tell you to like.

"This isn’t a new model though. It’s been out in Europe for the past 3 years."
I hear you, but the American driving experience is a tad different. The Fiat Strata was out for a while in Europe as well before failing abysmally here, as were others including cars by Renault, Opel, Peugeot etc…
You buy it with your cash and tell me how great it’s been 3 years from now and I’ll consider it. :=)

The new one is nothing like the old one. This one seems to be much nicer than any subcompact Ford has put out.