2017 Ford Fiesta - Fiesta Purchase - Any issues?

I getting ready to purchase a 2017 ford fiesta hatchback and would like to know from anyone that has owned one, if they are good cars and what if any are problems they have.

The Fiesta had quite a lot of problems when it was in full-swing production from 2011 to 2014. Not as much data on the later (newer) models. This may be of interest to you: Blog Post | Used Ford Fiesta: Buy This Year, Not That One! | Car Talk

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Yeah, the newer ones don’t show as many tranny problems, but that may be because folks stopped buying them because of all the transmission problems.
Ford Fiesta Problems | CarComplaints.com

Edit - looked at sales, they were pretty even by year, so maybe Ford improved the transmission.

I think it was 2017 they changed the transmission. 2011-16 were the problematic years IIRC

After 7 years, you should be more interested in whether this one in particular has problems. Pay a mechanic you trust for a prepurchase inspection. If there are problems, just reduce the price you are willing to pay by the amount to fix it. If you decide not to buy it because there are too many problems, then it’s good that you found out before buying it.


If it’s a model with the DCT then you’ll want to avoid it, even if it’s been “fixed” under recall. The design of the transmission is fundamentally flawed, and it’s only a matter of time until the same parts fail again. The manuals are pretty reliable though. Note: Sellers/dealerships will call the DCT an “automatic” because either they simply don’t know any better or, they are aware of the reputation the DCT has and don’t want to mention it.

There is a regular forum member that owns a Ford Fiesta and replies to every “tell me what you know about this used car”, he could offer a review, but he must be on vacation now.