Peugeot, Honda, Ford

Okay, this may seem like a stupid question, but… well, maybe it’s just a stupid question.

I’m trying to decide between three cars: a Peugeot 207, a Honda Jazz (aka Fit) and a Ford Fiesta.

Most of my driving will be on the highway, between a city apartment and a country house-to-be. Construction “should” be done in two years, but let’s just assume it will actually be 5.

The cars are more or less the same price here for the same features - 16,000 euros - though the Honda is more expensive to get with cruise control.

In the U.S. I’d probably get the Honda for it’s reliability and storage space. Oh, and because it’s like $7,000 cheaper.

But here in France, I’m not so sure. There are FAR more Fords and Peugeots on the road. And both come in diesel versions, which will be roughly $500 cheaper a year for fuel - assuming current prices.

Finally, I worry that the Jazz isn’t an ideal car for highway driving.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Yours in indecisiveness,


I have no knowledge of the Peugeot as it isn’t available in US. As for the Fit on the highway my son owns one and it seems fine on the highway. He makes a few family trips a year of 1000 miles on interstate highways (70 mph) with no problems.

While the Fit might use more fuel (or more expensive fuel) the extra cost will be reduced as the Fit has low maintenance costs. Diesels avail in US tend to have higher repair and maintenance expenses so I assume same is true across the pond.

We simply don’t get Peugeots here, and last time we did they were just awful - but so were most cars.

Between the Fit and the Fiesta, I’d say get the Fit if you need its slightly larger cargo volume, get the Fiesta if you don’t. Every comparison test I’ve seen favors the Fiesta, and there really should be no difference in reliability between it and a Fit.

I’d go with the Fiesta diesel. The fuel economy would be worth it, along with the better dealer/service network. I drove on for several days in Italy, really liked it. It might also have a better ride than the Jazz, a problem noted with Fits over here.

The Peugeot is the best car France produces, and the company has many years experience in building tough diesels. My last trip to France was two years ago, and the place was crawling with local disels. I’d go with the Peugeot, partly because of where you are. If you were in the UK I would go for the Fiesta.

The Fit, although very reliable, will be expensive to keep up in Europe, although it will likely last the longest if you want to keep the car longer than 12 years.

I have to say that you should go with what is made nearby. That could eliminate the Honda. The Peugeot or the Ford? Which one sounds more French? The case here at this computer is now closed.

Cash out the Euros and the house and be rich in the former 13 colonies of England. If you have enough Euros. Money lasts a lot longer here.

In reply to the post below this one; I know about Fords being made in Europe. Close enough.

Actually, Ford has quite a sizeable share of the French market (leading among non-french brands, IIRC). Honda is near nonexistant.

As for being made nearby, it would depend on where in France you are. The Fiesta will come from Valencia, Spain, or Cologne, Germany. The Peugeot will come from Madrid, Spain, or Poissy, France.

Madrid and Valencia are about the same distance from most spots in France, and both are closer to most of SW France than Poissy. And there are decent chunks of eastern France that are closer to Cologne than they are to Poissy…

Oh c’mmon, you should be able to talk about your Peugeot when you come back from France. This is a no brain er.

Yes…Yes…Yes… Get the Fiesta Econetic. That way I can live vicariously through you. They don’t offer the diesel version in the states. I hope they change their mind soon

Now see, that’s a winning argument. Peugeot it is!!

Thanks all.

The logic that you should get one made nearby doesn’t really compute. Proximity of manufacture does not indicate vehicle quality - just ask the Yugoslavians.

You should get one that can be serviced nearby. That’s an important difference, as if I could only get a car that was made near my city, I’d have to buy a Ford Ranger, and nothing else, even though there are plenty of dealerships and mechanics in my area who can service anything on most other cars.

That established, you should figure out how easy the Honda would be to service if you’re considering it. As to fuel costs being $500 cheaper with the other cars, that’s true, but if you’re saving $7,000 on the initial purchase price, you’d have to drive it for 14 years in order to end up spending more on total-cost-of-ownership. Paying $7,000 extra to save $5000 over 10 years still leaves you 2 grand in the hole.