Opinions on 2017 Ford Fiesta?

Has yours been a good car so far?

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Most cars are good these days in their first year. However, the Consumer Reports car issue this month goes back to 2011 and lists the Fiesta as “much worse than average” for all those years.

The major problems are electronics and transmissions (automatic). Both can mean expensive repairs.

There are many good cars on the market in that category, such as the Mazda2, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent, and Honda Fit.

I would also avoid the Fiat 500, as it is the worst rated small car.

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They (Ford) still haven’t been able to get the bugs/flaws/design faults of the DCT corrected yet. The manual transmission is fine though. The Fiesta ST is a hoot. Note: I don’t actually own one

I think they are good. You can get a lease deal not more than $300 for the 2018 model. There’s no harm in getting the best lease deal quotation if you’ll try.

If you are going to lease, the Fiesta will last that long without too many problems, except for the automatic transmission which has been troublesome.

If you are thinking of buying this car and keeping it a long time, I would recommend against it.

In that car size, a Honda Fit, Mazda 2, Hyundai Accent, and Toyota Yaris are all very much better vehicles.