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Strange grinding sound at slow speed, turning right

Mazda5; 2010; 105,000 miles.

Recently, our Mazda has started making a subdued grinding sound. It happens only when accelerating from idling to 10 miles per hour. It does not occur over 10 mph, in neutral, or park. It doesn’t happen when starting the car or in reverse either. according to my wife, it does happens when turning right at slow speeds, but not left.

We have just driven it to our mechanic but it may take a couple days before they are able to look at it. Anyone have any clue to what ie may be, on order to prepare ourselves?

*what it may be, in order to prepare ourselves?
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My first guess would be a problematic CV joint. Usually faulty ones make a clicking sound while turning after a stop, like turning right after a stop sign. Rather than a grinding noise. But if the bearing race was scored from grit, it could make a grinding noise I suppose.

Beyond that, it could be a brake or wheel clearance problem. Have you installed new tires or wheels that are of a different size than came w/the car new? Have you run into any curbs recently? That can damage the plastic under-body windscreens and cause wheel clearance problems sometimes.

No new tires, we recently bought it from a dealer. No curb run-ins as far as I know. I should add that the sound seems to be coming from the front, maybe on the right side

Finally got the problem fixed. It was an engine mount. Apparently it was in really bad condition. The torque when accelerating or turning against it’s weak side would produce the ugly sound. $400 for the repair since the mechanic had to take out a lot of parts in order to get access. Thank you ask for your advice

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Thank you for your reply. It may help others in the future, and we learn stuff every day from valued posters like you.

I second Barky’s “thank you”. We truly do use these followup posts to learn from and help others, and it’s always great to hear of a problem successfully solved.
Happy motoring. :relaxed: