2010 Toyota Venza lock

Only my driver’s side door lock works on my Venza from both the fob and switch on the inside door panel. Is it an electric relay problem or electronic lock mechanism in each door?

I am leaning toward a mechanical problem with your p/d/l. Toyota cars has a third way to lock and unlock all doors. Insert your key in the keyhole of the driver door and make 2 fast turn of the key counterclockwise(to unlock) clockwise (to lock). I have this feature on my 99 Corolla because it has p/d/l. If they are still stucked, do the following:

If you are in the habit of unlocking only the driver door with the keyfob then the others could be seized. Try to spray some aerosol lube inside the door mechanism near the actuator rod of the p/d/l motor. Sometimes, removing the door panel and working the rod up and down can free it.There are a lot of Youtube videos on the subject.