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2011 Toyota Avalon - Fuse?

Driver door works from fob or inside door switch. All 4 will lock from fob or inside door switch. Passenger/rear doors will not unlock from either.
Looked for fuse- couldn’t identify which one from manual or on-line diagrams.

There is a button that turns off the resr locks to keep the kiddies inside. Look in your owners manual for the location of the button


Really dumb question - are you pressing the key fob unlock button twice to unlock all four doors .

I don’t think that is the problem; I checked the child locks and they are not locked. The weird thing is: sometimes the FOB works (unlocks doors) and sometimes it does not.

The driver side door unlocks, but the other three doors don’t. Even when I push the automatic unlock button in the door, sometimes the other three doors unlock and sometimes they don’t.

I thought it might be the door lock actuator, but it does not explain why it works sporadically?

Don’t want to take the car into the shop if I don’t have to.


Gil - the G man

Shoot a little lubrifiant inside the door mechanism.I do this to keep my P/D/L from seizing. I never had one go bad on my 20 year old Corolla.

The door lock actuators become weak, sometimes they work when cold but not when hot.