2010 Jeep Liberty transmission slip question

2 wheel drive . after backing out of driveway and putting into drive, I have to let it set for 10 seconds before taking off or tranny will slip. if I wait 10 seconds no problems. no one can tell me whats wrong. only has 77000 miles on it

Troubleshooting Jeep Transmission Problems (youcanic.com)

Did you ever have the transmission fluid changed?

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Exactly who are you asking?

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Did you pay for a diagnosis and they said “we don’t know”?

When my truck first experienced that problem it was in to the local transmission shop for a complete transmission rebuild within the week. Expensive, but did the trick. Verifying the transmission fluid is full & in good condition is the first step of course. If its already at the right level, you could replace the fluid and install a new filter (if applicable). The new fluid will have fresh seal conditioning chemicals and might be able to revive it. Auto tranmission need to develop very high hydraulic pressures to create the needed forces to effect a shift, and if there’s an internal seal leak, while no fluid will leak out and drip on the garage floor, it still won’t be able to shift correctly. Before deciding on which transmission shop to use, ask the local repair shops which is the best in town, which one would they use for their own cars, etc. There’s usually one trans shop that all the car experts use. For a reason.