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2011 Jeep Liberty Transmission

Hi, a month ago my jeep started having problems with the transmission starting to slip. The problem was really around takeoff after starting the vehicle cold and taking off, the car will go a few yards and the transmission will slip, rev the engine, and a few seconds go by which then it will finally connect and kick power to the wheels. Once the car warms up it doesnt mess up anywhere as bad as running it off the bat, but i took it to the shop. The shop said that the transmission pan is rotted which transmission fluid is seeping through causing me to be low on fluid. He said that i need to have the pan, fluid, gasket replaced and it will fix it. Does this sound reasonable? Im just wondering if this seems right.

If the trans fluid level is low, what you are describing could be a symptom. I think your shop’s suggested approach is a good one. I wouldn’t say it is a guaranteed fix though, but it is something that makes sense to do imo. Ask if it is relatively easy and inexpensive to replace the filter while replacing the pan. If so, have that done too. An alternative approach is to just top off the fluid level for now. If that solves the symptoms (until it leaks out again), very good chance the mechanics approach will provide a long term sol’n. I’ve never heard of a trans pan rotting, so not sure what that means. Maybe it’s just rust-eaten on the outside, and needs to be replaced for that reason.

Don’t be surprised if this is the end of your vehicle’s transmission.

An automatic low on fluid and slipping can be ruined in a few minutes. Since this has been going on for a month it does not bode well for the transmission.

At this point you’ve got nothing to lose. Replace the pan, fluid, and say a silent prayer to the transmission gods.