2010 Chevrolet Traverse - Sluggish at low speeds

Car sluggish at low speeds, normally between 2 and 3rpms(seems loud as if I’m at higher rpms). Until I get to 60mph then its fine rpms come down to normal.
2010 chevy traverse lt awd

This is just a shot in the dark, from afar, but I think it is possible that your transmission is slipping in the lower gears.

The trans fluid should have been changed 3 times so far. How long ago was the last trans fluid change?

Thanks for the reply…

I only changed it once… within lastv2 years… i was that I shouldn’t mess with the transmission cause it cause things to go wrong within in. Just to add fluid whenever needed if needed

Bad advice.
Many people wait until they are having trans problems before they bother to change the fluid. When the trans fails shortly thereafter, they blame it on the fluid change, when in reality their long-delayed fluid change was a Hail Mary Pass, and it failed.

I have always changed my trans fluid every 30k miles, and I have never experienced a trans problem. By contrast, I know a few people who never serviced their transmissions, and most of them had to overhaul the trans around 110-120k miles.

Ok thanks. I’m gonna go to a jiffy lube or something and get it flushed and filled. Thanks for the heads up



If you want to have your transmission serviced, take it either to an independent transmission shop (NOT a chain-run place like Cottman, Lee Myles, Mr. Transmission, or–God forbid–AAMCO) , or to an indy mechanic (NOT Pep Boys, Firestone, Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, or a tire shop).

The poorly-trained kids at quick lube places cannot be trusted to do this work properly, and might not even use the correct fluid.

I think that you should go to an indy trans shop for diagnosis, before doing anything.


+1 @fiheem I really hope you see @VDCdriver’s post before you head to Jiffy Lube…

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Please no!!! Go to a good local mechanic for that.

Lol ur right right…

I have an appt at a local trans shop in my area of pa. That specializes in transmission. They are gonna look at my car Wednesday. Will make a post asap afterwards… thanks again