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2007 Chrysler Town & Country transmission

I have a 2007 town and county mini van I have been having transmission problems I have to start my van and let it sit for awhile and let it heat up before I can drive it if I don’t the transmission slips do I need a new transmission or could it be something else?

You likely need a rebuilt transmission. Take it into a transmisson shop and let them determine if this is true.

it runs great once the transmission it warmed up doesn’t slip at all you don’t let it warm up it will slip

If it is OK with you to let it sit and warm up, then continue what you are doing until it fails completely. My advice stands.

I’m going to agree with @Mustangman, but that is assuming the fluid level is correct. Be sure to follow the right procedure when checking levels. Also you should try changing fluid and filter. Save all debris you find in pan and magnet. After this take it to trans shop and give them the debris.