Slipping transmission

I have an automatic 95 Taurus. The transmission slips when starting out in 1st. I just got the car, so don’t know the maintenance history. Should I have the transmission flushed and fluid changed or does this cause a problem in older cars?

It looks like you already have problems. But you should take the car to a good independent shop to have it checked out.

If you are really lucky, you may get by with an adjustment and fluid chnange. Do not have the transmision FLUSHED; that may make the problem worse.

Changing the fluid on an older car will not caue the transmission to fail, unless it is failing already.

How is the fluid level and condition??? These transmissions are well known for working one minute then not working the next. From what you are describing, it sounds as though the problem could be either in the forward clutch somewhere with a leaking piston or sealing ring, or a low roller going bad. I would drop the pan to see whether there was any evidence in there. If theres a lot of trash, the trans is most likely on its way out which probably stopped up the filter. Let me know what you find in there.


Thanks transman for your thorough response. I haven’t checked anything on it yet. But, I will take it to a shop and tell them about the problems you suggested. The car is new to me and I’m running back and forth to the doctor a lot and need it to be a reliable car and hopefully last awhile.

Hopefully someone gave you the car and did not sell you their problems dishonestly. I will cross my fingers it is not pricey to address. I would not change the fluid but rather pay (non chain)tranny mechanic for a diagnosis.