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2010 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport front end thump

car makes a thumping noise coming from front end. This is intermittent and only starts at 40 KMpH ???

1)Rotate the tires front to back and see if the noise moves to the rear.Bad tire will do that.
2) If noise is still there,check the front wheel bearings for play and noise using a stethoscope while rotating the wheels off the ground. Use a pair of jackstands to hold the car up while dong this.Never use a tire jack.Do not delay this repair because it will only get worst. Your wheel can lock-up.and you can loose a wheel if it gets to that point…an expensive repair.
3) if you hear the thumping and it gets worst while you are stepping on the brakes,the rotor could be warped or the caliper is not releazing completely(seizing).Have your brakes checked by a qualified independant mechanic.

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tires are brand new and the noise is still there .

a wheel bearing noise would be constant this noise is intermittent and only at 40 MPH +

It’s a mystery… 4 mechanics have no idea or some were guessing on what it could be ???

Is it possible to take a sound clip when the noise happens.You can use a cell phone or a recorder and upload the video on youtube.After reading some of the Hyundai forums, the biggest problem I found was the premature coil springs failure of this model year.

Make sure the undercarriage plastic panels fasteners are all there and tight. It could be one of those panels (like one for changing oil for example) is loose and flapping when conditions are right.

Have someone follow you in another vehicle, and see if either of the front tires start doing this.

If either tire starts bouncing, it indicates that strut is worn out.


Do you mean it made this noise with old tires, then you replaced the tires with new ones, and it still makes the same noise ? Could be something like the wheel itself is out of round maybe. That combined with an iffy strut could definitely make a thumping noise. Does it correspond to engine rpm, or mph? i.e. if it is making the sound at 40 kmph , then you shift to neutral and let your foot off the gas, does it make exactly the same sound? Also once it starts making the noise, how does it change if you brake, or if you accelerate?