02 Corolla thumping noise. Bad bearings?

I’ve been searching all over the internet but nobody’s description seems to match mine. For the past few months my car has had a subtle muffled constant thumping sound coming from the front end and sounds like it is the front wheels.

The frequency of the sound doesn’t change with speed but does get louder. I can start to barely hear it at about 40 and is more noticeable at around 65. even then i can only really hear it well if i am driving over smooth pavement. Any bumpy roads will completely mask the sound. It is about as fast as a jack hammer.

Turning and/or braking has no effect.

It does not change frequency with speed. It does get louder.

Going downhill seems to amplify the sound.

It sounds like an extremely muffled jack hammer. Almost like both of my front tires are flat but faster.

It sounds like it is both wheels. (front)

I get a slight bit of steering wheel vibration at higher speeds but almost unnoticeable.

Any thoughts before I take it in? I am not trying to spend a whole lot on this because I am trying to get rid of the car, but I want it to be running ok.