Rythmic thumping noise coming from the front

I have a rhythmic thumping noise coming from the front end of my 2009 Camry… It thumps more at higher speeds and less at lower speeds.

I am wondering if it’s orth it to fix any potential problems or to possibly look for a new car.

Whether it is cost effective to fix it depends on what’s wrong. Depending on the condition and mileage, a 9 year old Camry could last twice that long. If you know why it makes the noise, let us know. If not, is there any damage to the car? Describe the noise more fully and maybe we can help you figure out what it is.

A friend thinks it’s the bearings. I had a major accident that was repaired 2 years ago. Somebody hit me head on while I was at a stop sign.

The car looks good . No major defects to the paint and the engine runs fine with only 115,000 miles on it.

Thumping noise could also be the tires.Its hard to tell without a sound clip.

Why would you ever consider buying a new car because an problem of unknown source and cost to repair crops up?

I’d guess you really want a new car or you wouldn’t ask such a question.

Either way, the smart thing to do is fix the car whether you want to keep or trade it. In the absence of any other information I’d guess it is a tire problem. Take it to a trusted independent shop and tell them far more about the problem and where it occurs than you’ve told us.

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The OP can count me as one more forum member who thinks that the tires are the most likely culprit.


… after a competent mechanic has driven the car and put it up on a lift, he can tell you for sure if this is solely a tire problem, or if the fix will be more complex and more expensive than rebalancing or replacing the tires.

Well I would like a new car but I’m not going to buy one if the fix is only $1000 or less.

I’m bringing it in next week.

It was the right front wheel bearing. It’s as good as new and rides great now.

It was the right front wheel bearing and it’s fixed. Car is great

Thanks for taking the time to post back and let us know.
Happy Motoring.

Did you have some high water in your driving area in the past year? If so, that’s what may have damaged the bearing. I doubt it was the accident, as that kind of damage would have been apparent immediately afterword. There were some big floods a little over a year ago in the southern USA, and shops in that area are now reporting they are replacing an unusual amount of wheel bearings, sometimes more than one corner on the same car.