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2009 Subaru Forester - Thumps

Our Forester is making a thump thump thump sound with the rotation of the wheels, but ONLY after we’ve driven for some miles at freeway speed, then when we stop in a town, driving in a parking lot, or making slow, sharp turns. We are traveling, it does NOT make noise at speed, or in a straight line. Also, it goes away after about ten minutes of “cooling off” and does not do it again until after we’ve driven at high speed for some time. We had just had the tires rotated before we left, and it has never done this before. We have had Les Schwab look at the suspension, wheels and tires and they cannot see anything obvious. HELP!

Did the thump thump MOVE after rotating the tires? If so, you have a tire problem, most likely.

If the thump thump did not move, I’d suspect you have a caliper seizing up or a brake hose starting to fail. This can cause a thump noise in conjunction with hot, warping brake rotors. Drive the car until the noise appears. Stop and check the temperature of each wheel. Careful, one may be hot! If one wheel is hotter than others - bingo, you have a dragging brake. Have the caliper and slides checked, if they don’t find any sticking, have the brake hose for that corner replaced.

The 3rd possibility is a failing CV joint. Easy for a mechanic to check on a lift.