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2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport- Thumps

Got into my Santa Fe this morning, heard thump thump while driving. Sounded like a huge bolt in my tire. Not the tires, my mechanic looked underneath, nothing. Tires are fine. He took it for a spin, then pulled off all tires, breaks look fine. He 's baffled. Got to bring in in tomorrow for the day. Any ideas?

Worn strut mount, shock mount, failed strut or shock, loose exhaust… the list is almost endless. Noises can be difficult to run down. Best not to guess over the internet… your mechanic has their work ahead. Good Luck.


Mustangman provided a very good list, but I have to wonder if the reason could be something far simpler. The OP didn’t tell us how long this vehicle has been “sitting”.
If it was sitting for weeks without moving, then it is possible that the tires were just flat-spotted.

If the noise went away after driving a few miles, then that would seem to point toward flat-spotting. @sheera711: How long was this vehicle “sitting” before you drove it this morning?
How far did you drive to the mechanic’s shop?


Good catch by VDCdriver… Cars that sit for a while can get flat spots on the tires. That will give you a rythmic thump thump thst gets quicker as you drive faster. This will roll out after 20 miles or so.

I use the car daily. Just dropped the car off at shop. I was looking at possibilities as it was fine the night before, and never sits longer than 2 days… I get tires rotated when getting oil change every 2000 miles. I think they will figure it out. Thanks for all comments, and I will pop in with the outcome.

Thanks for replying.
Yes, you can now rule-out flat-spotting.


That is over kill . You can do 5000 miles or every 6 months for both oil and tires .


Turned out to be the drive shaft $1000.00… :frowning:

Get a second opinion on the driveshaft. A simple replacement of U-joints and a balancing job may do the trick.

I also suggest you are changing the oil far too often. There’s no measurable benefit, and each time it’s done there’s a chance it’ll be done badly: misthreaded plug, under or over tightened, forgot to put in the new oil, etc.

It appears Sheera has already had the drive shaft replaced.

Rock Auto lists a drive shaft but no universal joint and no center carrier bearing. Replacement parts are sold as assemblies now.

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I haven’t yet. He told me it was safe to drive as is, if I can live with the thumps. He took it out and drove it, and the thumps were gone. If it is okay to drive (I’m retired and don’t go far) I will wait a month or so. I know if I bring it to the dealer, it will be much more. Not many mechanics around here I trust. I just moved here less than a year ago…

Thank You. I will wait for the 5000 mark on the oil change.

I will ask if he checked Rock auto. He said he was going to check other places for a better price. It’s about 75.00 for shipping.

5000 miles or 6 months , which ever comes first .