2010 Ford Taurus windows and sunroof open randomly

having the same problem as Mike B. with 2010 Taurus front windows and sunroof opening randomly. has happened 3 times in past two months. anyone know what might be causing this occurrence?

Electrical problem of some sort. These can be a real challenge.

Can they be opened from the key fob? If so, are you certain that no one is accidentally pushing the buttons while the fob is in a pocket or purse?

If the OP’s problem occurs when the vehicle is parked, then the key fob is the likely culprit.
If the problem occurs when the ignition is “on”, then it is some sort of electrical gremlin that will have to be tracked down.

Could the OP please provide information regarding when this problem takes place?
As the old saying tells us, “The Devil is in the details”, and unfortunately we have not been provided with sufficient details.