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Random trunk opening and more

I have a 2006 Taurus and bought it one year old. The first winter I had it, the alert would come on that the left rear door was open. I assumed it was frozen as it was winter. It kept up and seems to happen more frequently in the winter. Nothing came up on the diagnostic machine at the dealer. Two years down the road and still happening when… the trunk unlatches and opens randomly also. It sounds as if I have pushed the open trunk button inside the car. Still nothing showing up on the machine at the dealer. They want to replace my trunk lock but doesn’t it sound electrical to you? How will this stop the random message that my rear left door is open? I am very frustrated and don’t want to spend money for nothing.

If there is a way to disconnect the electric trunk release, I would do that and see what happens. If the trunk then doesn’t open when it shouldn’t, there is an electrical problem. If it does keep opening, there is a latch problem.

Thanks, I will try that. Any thoughts on the random message about my door being open when it isn’t?

Be sure your key will still open the trunk befroe you disconnect that electric solenoid. I’ve seen lots of Taurus trunk locks from that era not work. It’s a water drainage issue. Later models don’t have the lock in that location. Other than that, Triedag’s advice is spot on.

The switch for the dome light and electric door locks is located in the door’s latch. I’m surprised it’s the LR door that has gone bad. Usually it’s the driver’s door. Does the dome light come on when the rear door thinks it’s open? That said, I have usually had success fixing this problem by using a product made by CRC called (I think) contact cleaner. It’s not made for contact lenses, but for switch contacts. It comes with a small diameter straw to enable you direct the spray into the latch area from several angles, where it will ultimately get to errant switch. Ask for it at your local parts supplier.

I was t-boned a few months ago. When the other car hit me, my trunk flew open (faulty trunk latch). Inside the trunk was a cross wrench for the lug nuts. As soon as the trunk flew open, it flew out like a spear. I was lucky that it didn’t pierce anybody. The cross wrench was launched with high velocity. It could have been deadly. The trunk latch is important!

I don’t know if your car uses a REM (Rear Electronics Module) or just some sort of body electronic module. Ether way, the module would be common to both problems. I’d check the module and the connections to it, especially the grounds.

Actually one time the message and a ding said my left rear door was open, the dome light came on and the trunk opened all at once. I have gotten better answers and suggestions from all you folks than I have for years at the dealer ship. Thanks sooooooo much. I will bring your suggestions to them (or perhaps another garage).

That surely makes it sound like an issue with the electronic module.

I have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata. Trunk randomly pops open. I actually got so pissed off I pulled the button out and disconnected the wiring harness from it.