2009 honda fit navigation screen time-clock is frozen at 1:00 PM

2009 honda fit navigation screen time-clock is frozen at 1:00 PM
It won’t correct time in the clock adjustment. Is something broken? Do I need to re-code or something?

I would try pulling the fuse and see if a reset gives you the options you need.


Read you owner manual

Thanks for the reply. The owner’s manual only stated how to set the clock, which I’ve tried to do time and again, all to no avail…for some reason it always reverts to 1 o’clock.

The funny thing is, if I keep the car running than the clock will advance in time but only as long as the car stays running, as soon as I turn the car off and restart it, then it reverts right back to 1 o’clock. I feel like the guy in the movie ground-hog day, only without the magic.

Somebody suggested I pull the fuse and put it right back to see if that resets it…also, I’m wondering if because my battery went dead a few weeks back, that that might have had something to do with it, perhaps needing a new code entry of some-kind…I don’t know.

Thanks for the tip; I’ll try that.

The dead battery may be related, especially if you had the car jump started.

I had the same problem with the clock on a 1990 Ford Aerostar I once owned. I could set the clock, but when I would start the engine, the clock.woud set to 12:00. Ultimately, the battery died completely. A new battery solved the problem.

I wonder if there’s a backup battery in the unit that’s gone bad or is failing to recharge? Seems like there should be something in place so the clock keeps time while, for example, the car’s battery is being replaced. I’d take it to a car audio shop.

It might be related to this issue. Honda Clocks Are Stuck 20 Years In The Past; There Isn't A Fix


I remember everyone going nuts before 2000 rolled around thinking computers would all let the smoke out. Flury of new computers in preparation. Sat around waiting with interest to see what was going to happen when the ball dropped. Nothing. Not a thing. Big disappointment. Wait till August I guess. Who needs the car clock anyway?

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There is also a low tech and reasonably priced option. It’s called a watch. Available almost everywhere and in all price ranges.

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Yep, I worked third shift in the late 90s, frequently IT would run a Y2K test on the computer system.
We chose to spend NYE 1999 on a gambling boat, I hoped their computers would go nuts and pay-off big time on the slot machines. Did not happen but we did manage to come out ahead.

I was over the mid-Atlantic, returning from London at that time. Even though some had foreseen “planes falling from the sky”, I was skeptical of that prediction, and opted to fly anyway. Luckily, my skepticism was correct.

Except that looking at my watch requires taking one hand off the wheel and isn’t practical if I’m wearing a coat since the sleeve covers it. Our daughter doesn’t even wear a watch. She’s in her late 20’s and I figure it’s generational.

Well so does opening a fresh beer but I don’t let that stop me! :grinning:

But seriously, shifting a manual trans requires either taking one hand off the wheel, or driving one-handed altogether, but no one thinks of that as an inconvenience. Tuning the radio, adjusting the heat, turning on the wipers, closing the window…any number of operations involved with operating a car require one-handed driving.

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But those things–to me at least–are less distracting. When I still drove a stick, I could do it by feel. I keep my radio tuned to one station 99% of the time. I’ve owned my current vehicle for 10+ years so most stuff is second nature. OTOH, there have been a couple of moments when I was driving a rental that weren’t exactly as smooth because I had to take my eyes and at least one hand off the road and search for whatever control I needed. Seems to me looking at a watch would present a similar situation.

That is the way I drive.

I wore a watch for many years but I had facing the bottom of my left wrist and my left hand was usually at 10 or 11 o clock position on the wheel so with a slight twist I could see the time at a quick glance.