G#@%dang Camry digital clock turning owner into Psycho


I have a nice old 1996 Camry with a digital clock that suddenly will not reset. All the buttons have frozen. The clock keeps going…now one hour 4 minutes ahead of time. Why this bugs me I don’t know, but it is really annoying.

How can I reset this thing? The default time is “1:00” so I thought if I could find the fuse, I could just pull it for a few a seconds at 1 PM, and presto–it would reset at 1:00. But I can’t find the right fuse. (I hate to accidently pull the fuse for the air bags and have to pay to reset them.)

Anyone own a similar car? Can I pop the clock out of the dash?


Don’t mean to be sarcastic, but if everything has failed, why don’t you put a piece of electrical tape over it and forget about it.


I’ve had cars like that…

Disonnect the battery at almost 1:00. Reconnect at exactly 1:00.


Pay to reset the light? Phht. Here’s a description on how to do it yourself- http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1505&highlight=reset+airbag+light

Hey, most clocks default to 12:00. I’m curious, if you haven’t reset yours, how do you know it defaults to 1:00?
The airbag light shouldn’t be tripped if you disconnect the BAT negative lead for a short period. They allow some time to do a battery swap. But that will reset just about everything so I’d start with the fuses myself.