2015 Chevrolet Malibu clock always runs fast or slow

My 2015 Chevy Malibu clock is either behind or ahead of time regardless of how many times I change the clock.

How do I fix that?

You don’t, you live with it. Sorry.

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Do you have the radio with touchscreen option?
According to the Owner’s Manual, that has an option to Auto Set the time. You might try that option (or turn it off if it’s currently on):


Yeah my Pontiac does too. I just reset it every six months or so at daylight savings time start or end. My phone is atomic time though and always correct.

Any of you other folks have your clocks set ahead ten minutes? This was a carry over from my wife’s family who thought it would insure they were never late. This has been going on for 40 years and I like to set the clocks to the exact time so I have vowed to set the 20 clocks to the correct time next time change. Wish me luck. My medical insurance is paid up.


My wife is like that always wanting to be early I am just the other way am always late I figure if I keep it up I can be late meeting the grim reaper.

I remember the 1940s and 1950s when car clocks were basically worthless. These clocks were spring driven and the spring was rewound about every two minutes. In the used cars my parents bought, the clock was disconnected right after purchase. These car clocks back then were never accurate and drained the 6 volt car battery unnecessarily. Since those days, I don’t pay much attention to a car clock. I know the digital clocks don’t drain the battery as did the spring driven clocks. I am so used to glancing at my wrist watch from my earlier days of driving that I don’t look at the clock in the car for the time.

If its in the radio , replace radio otherwise you have to live with it . Had an aftermarket stereo once that was 5 minutes fast a month .

Me too…always a wrist watch…

I have a battery-operated clock in my abode that behaves in a similar way. It’s 15 minutes behind, so I set it to the correct time. Over the next week it looses time to where it is 15 minutes behind, then it stays 15 minutes behind for 6 months or longer. ??? If I set it again it does the same thing, slows down to where it is 15 minutes behind, then stays that way. For some reason it likes being 15 minutes behind . The last time about a month ago I tried to outsmart it. I set it 15 minutes ahead, thinking over the course of a week it will slow down to where it is spot on, and stay there. Sorry, for the entire month it has remained 15 minutes ahead … lol

OP, it might be easier to just install another clock. I use a $1.50 stick-on-the-dashboard clock for my truck and the time is accurate to within a minute over the course of 6 months.

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Thank you. I will do that.

I also found a Bulletin issued by GM that states they are aware of the clock losing or gaining time and how to fix it. So I’m going to GM to get it fixed. It was dated on April 2016

OK. You’ll two weeks of free Sirius radio if you don’t have it now but if they say you have a huge oil leak or your brakes are shot, get a second opinion.

The only one I find for the clock, has to do with OnStar not being activated.

Good luck.