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2018 Ford Focus - Change the time

How do you do something as simple as changing the time on the Focus. It is not obvious to this operator.

Thanks for your assistance.

Without knowing the year of this Focus or which sound system you have it is a little hard to answer. 2 things , if you have the owners manual that will be in it - also a youtube search might even find a video showing how it is done . Then there is going by a dealer or as my neighbor says when he can’t do things like this just find a 10 year old kid and it will be done quickly.

Did you try the procedure in your owner’s manual? If so, where did things go wrong?

Things that should be easy–like changing the time on the clock–rarely seem to be intuitive, so that is why Owner’s Manuals provide fairly clear directions for tasks like that.

The title says 2018 Focus. If that is what it is then it might be like our 2018 Ford Fiesta. The time and date are GPS linked and even changed with the daylight savings time change.

I feel your pain. On my 2017 Toyota Sienna, there are apps that appear on the display. I go to settings and there is one for the clock. From there it is a matter of pushing the hour button up or down to set to or from daylight time. I wouldn’t bother if it weren’t for Mrs. Triedaq. The spring wound clocks in the cars I grew up with in the 1940s and 2950s that would clunk every two or three minutes as a solenoid powered ftom the battery would rewind the spring. Thesr clocks never kept the correct time and just drained the battery. We would just disconnect them.
If you think your car clock is a problem, I have a Seth Thomas pendulum clock that I inherited from my grandmother that strikes on the hour and on the half hour. Every year when I advance the clock to daylight savings time, the striker mechanism falls behind after a day. When the hands point to six o’clock, it will strike five. It takes a week of adjustment before the clock behaves. Clock repairmen can’t figure out the problem. The only explanation is that my grandmother did lot like FDR who put the nation on daylight time for the war effort of WW II. My grandmother did not like daylight time because she didn’t like Roosevelt. She passed away 68 years ago, but I think she is expressing her displeasure through the clock. On the other hand, I have no problem setting the clock back in the fall.

“Just find a 10 year old”, is so true. 11 years ago my 7 year old Granddaughter set up the voice mail on my first cell phone. I had tried 3 times using the manual. She did it in about 30 seconds without the manual! My previous 2002 Mitsubishi and current 2010 Kia clocks are simple to adjust. Turn key to Accessory activating the clock display. There are 2 small buttons left of the display for hours and minutes. My cell phone, satellite TV receiver, and computer all adjust automatically.

I’d push the ‘Menu’ button in the center stack, that leads to the place for setting the time in may two Fords.

On my Mustang very intuitive, not so on the truck.

Like my high school chemistry teacher used to say when asked a question “it’s in the book”. On my Acura, it’s automatic from the satellite. On my Pontiac, I press the clock button, then turn the radio station knob either back or forward to change the time. Very easy. What Ford does, I hope is not as complicated as their infotainment system.