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2009 Ford Escape - several codes, but runs fine

My check engine light goes on and been to two different garages. They both have said the same code with about several thousand dollars worth of repairs and the car runs perfect, does not burn oil, good on gas and has 46,000 miles. The code comes with several - POO11, PO12, PO21, PO22, PO34x. What do you think would be hte problem? Do you think it would be worth thousands to fix? Do you think there is really something wrong?

The first four codes relate to variable valve timing. Depending on how you drive your vehicle and frequency of oil changes the engine could have sludge. It could be electrical. You could take it to a Ford dealership, they MIGHT have diagnostic software the others did not.
There is the potential of serious engine damage driving with these codes.
Doubtful you would be able to sell it in this condition. So, if you like the car, and it is in good shape otherwise, it may be best to bite the bullet and have it repaired.