I'm at a loss with my Ford escape please help!

[details=“Summary”]have a 2004 Ford Escape V6 3. 0 with 73, 000 miles on it. It ran perfect for about six months and then one day I noticed the check engine light came on so I then did it oil change and it went away for a little bit then came right back, so I said screw it and I just decided to drive around with the check engine light on…ugh, i know…stupid. well, then after a while it starting to sputter and it had no power, I would have the peddle to the floor and just wouldn’t go 3000 RPM (driving) and would idle at like 800 RPM? So I said screw it and did some research and decided to check the catalytic converter and the sure enough the front cat had metlted and shot down in to the second one (I believe) so I cut it off and cleaned it all out and put it back on…then i replaced all the boot coils I change the oil filter, cleanded the throttle body, checked the EGR valve, checked the vacuum hoses, fuel injectors, basically anything I can think of… started it up and NOTHING!? it’s still sputtering and acting like it’s chocking… but now when it started to warm up it slowly chokes out and dies…I’m at a loss, and I can’t afford to take it to a mechanic, so I’m doing it all myself. (P.S) And also, when I would disconnect the battery it would run normal for a bit but would go back. So I just kept doing that to get to work and back until finally it wouldn’t do anything… and suggestions would be absolutely amazing and appreciated. Thanks

Duplicate thread .

Hmm, thought I replied this AM.
A) Catalytic Converters can not be cleaned, must be replaced.
B) It is possible for the computer to fail and not store codes.
Only a proper diagnosis will tell you. Throwing parts at it is not the best way to go.

With only 73,000 miles and if not rusted it may be worth doing a proper repair.