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2008 Ford Escape Hybrid - CEL

My check engine light came on. I ordered a FIXD error code detector. Before it arrived the check engine light turned off by itself (it had been on 2 days). The FIXD unit said it was a PO400 exhaust gas recirculation error. Does that mean the problem resolved itself or should I check with the dealer who has fixed my car since I bought it new (it now has 416K miles on it) ?

The light is out so don’t worry about it until it comes back on.

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416,000 miles ?
Somebody does a lot of driving

Many thanks for the reply.

I’ve had a couple of Mustangs myself; one I bought brand new in 1967 for $2500 and a GT convertible in 93 which was around $14.5K. Prices change!

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