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2009 Ford Escape check engine light

I have a 2009 Ford Escape that began displaying the check engine light 6 months ago. Took it to the local Ford Dealer where scan diagnosed faulty EGR valve that they replaced along with a gasket. The light cleared for a while, but recently has begun to light intermittently. Took it back to the same dealer who first said their scan was not reading any new code, but then on a 2nd trip said it was reading the faulty EGR emission issue again. Since they had already replaced those parts they now said they suspect a faulty computer processor, but cannot say with certainty that is really the issue since the scan is not telling them that. Therefore they can replace it for $700, but state that may not solve anything. Also we have noticed the engine is running rougher and louder. Any suggestions?

It’s a gamble. I had a failed computer, part of the failure was not storing codes!

Get a second opinion.

There is no reason to take this 9 year old car to a dealership and pay their exorbitant prices.
Find a independent shop that has good reviews.

Check at the top of the pager on this site and click on “Mechanic’s files” for a mechanic in your area.
Or ask family, friends, co-workers who they take their vehicles to.


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Agreed, get a second opinion

I remember a Ford that kept throwing an egr code, insufficient flow, to be exact

Turns out the problem wasn’t the egr valve or the computer . . . it was the wiring. Excessive voltage drop.

But it took a little time with the fluke and the wiring diagram to nail it

Just a thought